March 17, 2020

As Christians we are not to be of the world, but we are to love the world, meaning the people in it. The COVID-19 pandemic gives us all the chance to contribute to the concrete good of our neighbor – their health and for some, their survival. I would do anything to save the life of someone I love. I hope I and all of us would do almost anything to save the life of a complete stranger. 

I was with Adam Jackley this morning, and he made me aware of a very interesting article in the Washington Post about the chance we each have now to act in a way to contribute to our neighbor’s health and survival. I encourage you to view it right now. As those simulations show, how we act will either endanger or save lives.


In the spirit of contributing to the common good, New Community Church is taking the following steps that we know of today. As the situation continues to develop, we will continue to make decisions and inform you with any updates.

  • We are going to continue to offer our services in an online, streaming format each Sunday until further notice. You can go to this link to view the service live at 9:00 AM Sunday or any time after that in replay. This past weekend we had over 800 views of the service on YouTube.
  • All meetings are temporarily canceled at the church building and the church offices. Any exceptions will be noted and communicated to those who might be involved.
  • Our counsel regarding small groups is more nuanced. If your group is around 10 people, you may choose to meet. However, you should take into consideration who is in your group and whether they are in a high-risk category of carrying the virus (such as medical professionals) or are people who stand to be more adversely effected by it (such as the elderly or those with suppressed immune systems). If so, you should seriously consider not meeting face to face.  
  • We are working behind the scenes to answer the question; What is God calling His church to in this season of uncertainty? I put together a brief explanation of the Gospel that you can use if you have anyone asking you to help them on their spiritual journey. Click here for the YouTube link to share this video and watch below. Please feel free to share it along with my email address:

Praying for you,

Mark Bolton


March 13, 2020

Sunday Service (Mar 15) via Livestream only

Watch Sunday's message live at 9 a.m. on the New Community Church Wexford YouTube Channel. Also, you can visit our YouTube Channel anytime to watch the service and previous messages. 

NCC Events Cancelled the week of March 15th:

  • Discipleship Pathway Group
  • Communion Prep Class
  • The Art of Aging Dinner
  • Women's Morning and Evening Bible Studies
  • Student Ministries Edge, Rev, and Bible Studies
  • Moms Supporting Moms

As we get more information, we will keep you updated via email, our website, and Facebook.Remember, God is in control!


March 12, 2020

Dear Friend,

The New Community Church staff and Elders have been giving careful thought to how to protect the health of our congregation during this unusual situation with the Coronavirus. In light of this current situation, we have prepared a strategy we want to share with you. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing a clean, safe, and welcoming worship environment, we have extensive cleanliness policies and procedures in place to help protect against the spread of bacteria and germs.

Cleanliness of the facility

  • We are making extra efforts to clean and sanitize surfaces that are touched by people on a regular basis such as door handles, coffee urn handles, and the like.  While we make every effort to keep these surfaces as germ-free as possible, you can help as an ‘end-user’ by carrying and using hand sanitizer after touching anything that might be a means of germ transmission.


  • We are suspending the use of cut bagels for this season. We will offer fruit and individually packaged snacks.

Children’s Ministry

  • We always have had hand sanitizer in each of the classrooms. Teachers use it before distributing snacks. We also clean the surfaces with disinfectant between services.

Greetings and Handshaking

  • During this time, we recommend that greetings be done without touching in a way that shares our germs. We are saying, “Share the love, not the germs!”


  • Since we normally take our offering by passing a bag that everyone touches, during this season, we will provide plain envelopes (this weekend under seats, going forward available in the rear of the Worship Center). You can pass your envelope down the row to the ushers who will be collecting the offering. This is also a time when you could move to online giving


  • Easter Week Communion is coming up in April. We are going to look into measures that prevent the transmission of germs for that special moment of taking the Lord’s Supper.

Those most at risk

  • For those in our church family who have compromised immune systems, we hardily support your decision to not expose yourself to crowds. If you are not already aware, our 11 a.m. service can be viewed live on our YouTube Channel a way of being with us without being exposed to a public gathering.

This is a situation that most of us have not faced in our lifetimes. While we don’t have to live in fear, we want to take wise precautions that not only protect our health but the health of those who are more vulnerable than we may be. As we learn more, we may have more to say on this.

In the meantime, I am reminded of the bumper sticker I read on the back of a tractor-trailer on my way to Ohio to visit a very sick young woman this week: “God is still in control.” It was a good reminder to me, and I am sure it is a good one for all of us.

God uses times of trouble to remind people of their need for Him. The Church of Jesus Christ is the hope of the world. We can pray that God will use this time of uncertainty to draw people to the only thing that is certain; God’s promises.

“So, do not fear for I am with you, do not be dismayed for I am your God, I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10


Mark for the Staff and the Elders