Prepare for Sunday

Each Monday morning, we will provide the passage to read during the week for the upcoming Sunday message, along with the worship playlist. Our prayer is that this enriches your experience with God's Word and worship during the week leading up to the time when we assemble as a community on Sunday morning. 

Sunday, June 7:

1. READLuke 12:1-12

2. NOTICE: As you read, note the different instances fear show up in this passage.

3. ASK: What is Jesus saying not to fear? What is Jesus saying to fear? What are some things that I fear most and most often? 

4. LISTEN to the songs we will be singing:

  • Open the Gates
  • Meet Us Here
  • Jesus
  • Jesus We Love You
  • Just As I Am (I Come Broken)

5. PRAY: Ask God to reveal to you your fears. Then, ask Jesus to prepare you to engage those fears in ways that honor Him. 

Sunday, June 14:

1. READ James 1:19-20

2. NOTICE: the actions that should precede our anger.

3. ASK: What are the things, people, and situations that make me angry? Why are listening and speaking meant to precede my anger?

4. LISTEN to the songs we will be singing:

  • Indescribable
  • Holy, Holy, Holy (We Bow Before You)
  • Peace Be Still
  • Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) - video below
  • Christ Be All Around Me

5. PRAY: Ask God to reveal to you your anger. Ask Jesus to prepare you to engage those angers in ways that honor Him.  

Sunday, June 21:

1. READMark 10:17-27

2. NOTICE: Your feelings about the rich man's reaction.

3. ASK: How would I react if Jesus asked me to give all I had away? What would you be willing to give up all your wealth for (to save your life? to save your child's life?)

4. LISTEN to the songs we will be singing:

  • Glory Be
  • How Great Thou Art
  • Great Are You Lord
  • Good Good Father
  • Behold Our God

5. PRAY: Confess to God your attachment to your wealth (we ALL feel that, no judgement here....) Ask Him to grow your heart into the kind of heart that would be willing to give all for Him.

Sunday, June 28:

1. READRevelation 6

2. NOTICE: The reaction of the kings, princes, generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free to the scene.

3. ASK: Why do they react as they do? How would I react to the same scene?

4. LISTEN to the songs we will be singing:

  • Breathe On Us
  • Spirit of the Living God
  • Living Hope
  • King of Kings
  • Holy Water

5. PRAY: God, I want to be ready for the day of your appearing. Help me to live in such a way that I will have no fear but only joy at your returning.

Sunday, July 5:

1. READJohn 11:1-5, 17-44

2. NOTICE: Jesus is not distant from Mary and Martha in this difficult situation. He enters in emotionally and personally.

3. ASK: What does Jesus’ encounter tell you about His divinity? What does it tell you about His humanity?

4. LISTEN to the songs we will be singing:

  • I Am Free
  • Oh My Soul
  • Doxology (God Be Praised)
  • Peace Be Still
  • His Mercy Is More

5. PRAY: Lord, You know what I need, You know my pain, and You know my name. Teach me to trust You when I don’t understand. 

Sunday, July 12:

1. READLuke 18:35-19:10

2. NOTICE: Jesus blessed two individuals. What did they have in common? In what ways were they different?

3. ASK: What got in the way of each individual “seeing” Jesus? How did Jesus help them?  

4. LISTEN to the songs we will be singing:

  • Meet Us Here
  • Goodness of God
  • Faithfulness
  • Strong God   

5. PRAY: God show me where I cannot see You.