Laurelville Retreat - FAQ

Question: Where is Laurelville?

Answer: Laurelville Mennonite Retreat Camp is located about an hour and 10-minute drive from Wexford, PA in Mount Pleasant, PA.


Question: What will my child do while at camp?

Answer: Students and adult leaders engage in many different programs at camp. The main four are Meals, Club, Cabin Time, and Activities. All meals are in the dining hall at scheduled meal times. Club is a large group gathering in the gym of all students and leaders for a time of live music, skits, funny videos, and a camp speaker. Cabin Time is a time for students and leaders to hang out with their group, laugh, and talk about some of the things they’re hearing from the speaker while at camp. Activities are multiple events planned by the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation Program Team.


Question: What if my child has dietary restrictions (ie dairy, peanut, and gluten allergy)?


Answer: All questions regarding possible food allergies can be passed along to Shawn at Laurelville by calling their main office (724.423.2056)


Question: Where will my child sleep while at camp?


Answer: Laurelville has many different cabins for campers and leaders. For more information about sleeping accommodations while at camp, you can go to the link here.


Question: Will my child need to bring their own bedspread and pillow?


Answer: Yes. Students will bring their own sleeping bags and pillows to camp.


Question: Will my child need additional cash while at camp?


Answer: On Friday, we will stop as a group for dinner on the way to camp and for lunch on the way home on Sunday. They’ll need additional cash for that. Otherwise, there is a snack bar at camp students are welcome to bring money for.


Question: When is drop off and pick up from camp?


Answer: Drop off will be Friday at 4 p.m. @ New Community Church. Pick up will be Sunday at 2 p.m., also @ New Community Church. We will take school buses to camp.


Question: What is the packing list for camp?


Answer: We will provide an accurate packing list for every student registered for camp.


Question: Are scholarships for camp available?


Answer: If you’re in need of financial assistance for camp, please contact Joel at