Compassion Day


What is Compassion Day?

A unique opportunity to show the love of Christ in very tangible ways to our community by performing service projects for organizations and individuals. Projects are primarily designed to be two to three hours long. Some projects may take longer; an estimated time commitment will be provided at sign-up so you know the expectation.

Why is NCC doing a Compassion Day?

We are called to be God's hands and feet on earth, reaching out to the "least of these." This is exactly how Christ transformed lives. He first met a physical need, and then showed a person the only way to salvation. We want everyone at NCC to not just go to church, but BE the church!

When is Compassion Day?

Currently we do not have one scheduled.

Who participates in Compassion Day?

Everyone who attends NCC can participate as well as anyone you would like to invite to join you for this special day of serving. We send out teams to serve our communities, our mission partners, the general public, and the under-privileged. Most teams will be composed of 8 to 15 people.

What types of service projects will be available?

Typically, there is a wide variety of projects available appropriate for small children, those that require more skilled labor, and everything in between. Projects in the past have included repairs, landscaping, visiting with elderly, collecting furniture, handing out water bottles in North Park, preparing meals, and even washing fire trucks, just to name a few.

Helpful Hints for Leading a Project

  • Pray about where God would have you make a difference.
  • Hollis' words to us, "Serving is an opportunity to be 'in the flow' as God's Spirit is at work around you. Enter into this serving opportunity with a prayerful heart while also expecting God to do something amazing! Watch His spirit at work and list to Him touch your heart as you serve."
  • If your small group is working together, consider the ages of the kids and plan accordingly.
  • Plan for a two to three hour project - especially if there are kids involved.
  • Have a definite starting and ending time.
  • If working over the lunch hour, ask everyone to bring a bagged lunch and drink.
  • Contact the individual, family or organization you would like to help to make the arrangements. Be clear about the ages of kids that may work on the project and ask them to think about project ides in those terms.
  • Communicate clearly with both the organization and the people working on the project about expectations, what supplies you need, what to wear, etc. Make sure everyone has realistic expectations about what is going to/needs to be done.
  • Plan on having unexpected things come up and try to remain as flexible as possible.
  • The aim is to serve. When making decisions, consider the "customer" first, not your group.
  • Pray for God to be glorified, and the opportunity to share God's love and truth with those you will be serving. 

Tips surrounding kids:

  • Be creative! There are many ways kids can be involved besides doing the task at hand, such as making lunches for the work crew, making cards, raking leaves, washing things, playing with other kids to keep them occupied, etc.
  • Consider doing a Servant Evangelism project. Things like handing out water bottles at North Park as people run by, having a free lemonade stand or giving balloons out at a local park. Go to a park and run kick ball games or other games for kids just for fun. Run a free car wash and hand out cards stating, "God Loves You!"
  • If you have kids in your group, but have a project inappropriate for some of the younger ones, consider having a few adults in the group do a separate project with the littlest kids - such as making cards for military families, elderly or prisoners. A few could watch them at another home and potentially bring them to the site for a lunch break with the group.
  • For preschool aged kids, we would like there to be three to four projects at the church. If you are interested in leading a project like this, please contact????
  • We might be able to offer childcare for the birth to 2 years old range. If you are interested in heading this up as your project, please contact ???