What is Compassion Day?

A unique opportunity to show the love of Christ in very tangible ways to our community by performing service projects for organizations and individuals. Projects are primarily designed to be two to three hours long. Some projects may take longer; an estimated time commitment will be provided at sign-up, so you know the expectation.

Why is NCC doing a Compassion Day?

We are called to be God's hands and feet on earth, reaching out to the "least of these." This is exactly how Christ transformed lives. He first met a physical need, and then showed a person the only way to salvation. We want everyone at NCC to not just go to church but BE the church!

When is Compassion Day?

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Who participates in Compassion Day?

Everyone who attends NCC can participate as well as anyone you would like to invite to join you for this special day of serving. We send out teams to serve our communities, our mission partners, the general public, and the under-privileged. Most teams will be composed of 8 to 15 people.

What types of service projects will be available?

Typically, there is a wide variety of projects available appropriate for small children, those that require more skilled labor, and everything in between. Projects in the past have included repairs, landscaping, visiting with elderly, collecting furniture, handing out water bottles in North Park, preparing meals, and even washing fire trucks, just to name a few.

Click here to access possible project considerations.

Tips for Involving Kids

Children can be very helpful in doing all kinds of tasks if given appropriate instruction.

  • However, not everyone is gifted to work with children. If you’re not gifted with children, consider asking someone to co-lead with you who is.
  • You may consider designing a project geared toward children – singing at a nursing home, drawing pictures for veterans, holding a food or clothing drive, or washing fire trucks for a local fire company are just a few ideas.
  • Random Acts of Kindness are also great with kids: handing out water bottles at North Park as people run by, having a free lemonade stand or handing out free balloons at a local park. You could go to a park and organize kickball or other games for any kids that are there, hold a free car wash, rake leaves, or pot flowers to give to neighbors with a note that says “Jesus loves you.” www.kindnessresources.com can provide more ideas and resources.
  • If your small group is doing a project that isn’t necessarily appropriate for kids, but you have kids in your small group, a leader for the kids could either:
  • Design side-projects for the kids to do at your job site, such as: playing with other kids that may be there, making cards for the people you’re serving, making lunches for the work crew, washing or organizing things, picking up trash, or being a “go-for.”
  • Alternatively, a few of the adults in your group could decide to stay back at someone’s house and do age-appropriate service projects with the younger ones along with letting them play together.

There are endless ways to show kids how to serve others. Be creative (or do a Google search)!

Childcare at the Church

If you are interested in organizing childcare or preschool projects at the church as your Compassion Day project, please let us know on the registration form!

  • For 2-year-olds and under, we would like to have childcare at the church, we just need some willing helpers! 
  • For pre-school age kids, we would like to have a few projects at the church, whereby either parents stay and help their kids with the projects, or, if there is enough childcare, parents can drop them off to attend their own Compassion Day project

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