Prepare for Sunday

Each Monday morning, we will provide the passage to read during the week for the upcoming Sunday message, along with the worship playlist. Our prayer is that this enriches your experience with God's Word and worship during the week leading up to the time when we assemble as a community on Sunday morning. 

Sunday, September 13:

1. READ: Matthew 4:18-20 and Matthew 28:16-20

2. NOTICE: What is the essence of Jesus’ invitation to Peter and Andrew?

3. ASK: What is the end result of accepting Jesus’ invitation?

4. LISTEN to the songs we will be singing:

  • Your Love Awakens Me
  • The Power of Your Name                                                                                                  
  • Strong God
  • I Will Follow

5. PRAY: Lord help me to see with fresh vision what it means to be your disciple and how you want me to flesh that out in my world.