Interested in Membership?

We invite you to become a member at New Community Church, through entering into a covenant relationship. A covenant is a two-party commitment. In Covenant Membership the church commits to faithfully uphold its stated mission, values, and beliefs. Likewise, the member promises to uphold a three-fold commitment to the person of Christ, the people of New Community Church, and the process of discipleship outlined by the NCC Discipleship Pathway. 

There are two components that make Covenant Membership unique:

  1. The NCC Discipleship Pathway which provides a core curriculum and a clear focus of where we want to take people.
  2. The Travel Companion which is a relational component that is designed to provide support, encouragement, and coaching.

The process of Covenant Membership involves attending a 90-minute membership orientation class, a 15-day personal devotional exploring the NCC Discipleship Pathway, and a closing session where you are invited to sign the covenant as you enter into membership. 

After this process is completed, a travel companion is assigned within a few short days, and a mutually convenient time is established for you and your travel companion to meet and connect.

Covenant Membership

Membership at NCC is more than a formality; it is a covenant relationship with a community that is connected to Christ and to each other. The next Covenant Member session is March 3, 12:15-2 pm. Register here.