How do I check in?

If you're a visitor, please stop at the desk to check in your children. They will be given a name tag and shown to their classroom, and you'll be given a similar tag to present when you pick them up. Each child is given a four-digit number which will be flashed in the sanctuary if we need you.

After your third visit, you'll be entered into our computer and you can check in on the computers at each side of the Commons.

Thank you so much for helping us as we strive to make Kids' Kingdom a safe environment for your kids to learn about God.

Note: On Sunday, at the 9 a.m. service, we receive children (nursery through 5th grade) at 8:50 a.m., and at the 11 a.m. service, we receive children at 10:50 a.m.


What happens on Sunday morning?

In Kids' Kingdom, we use DiscipleLand's Core Bible curriculum, a comprehensive discipleship program which runs from age 2 through 5th grade.

We open our time with large group children's worship for preschool through 5th grade before dismissing to the individual classrooms.

Birth - 24 Months
Our nursery has been designed to be a comfortable, safe, and stimulating environment where God's love is shared. We teach your children that God cares for them. We believe it's possible to share the love of Christ with each child from the day they are born. Our goal for the nursery is to provide a warm, loving environment where babies and toddlers can start to understand that church is a safe, fun place to learn about God. The nursery does not have a formal curriculum. Volunteers focus on providing safe, loving care to the children while engaging them in age-appropriate activities.

2- and 3-Year Old
Our goal is for each child who goes through the 2- and 3-year old curriculum to develop a basic understanding of ‘What God Does.’  We want children to know God as their Creator, their Heavenly Father, and their friend.

Preschool (4- and 5-year old)
Our goal is for each child who goes through two years of Preschool curriculum to discover God through Old Testament and New Testament Bible stories; begin to understand who God is, what He is like, and what He can do; and begin to experience His great love, His powerful messages, and His amazing abilities.

Kindergarten - 1st Grade
Our goals for children completing the kindergarten and first-grade curriculum are for them to understand basic Bible-times culture, to know some fundamental truths about what it means to walk with God every day, and to have a familiarity with key Bible lessons and Bible heroes from both the New and the Old Testament.

2nd - 3rd Grade
Our goal is for each child who goes through the second- and third-grade curriculum to understand the authority and power of God’s Word. Children will grow to have the skills to comfortably navigate their Bibles and to be familiar with a complete overview of Christ’s life and ministry through exposure to the Gospels.

4th - 5th Grade
Our goal is for each child who goes through the fourth- and fifth-grade curriculum to gain a new appreciation for God’s church and to see the “big picture” of God’s kingdom by reviewing the history of His plan from Genesis to today. Your children will be challenged to go deep in God’s Word and to develop lasting, meaningful relationships.

Want to help in Children's Ministries?

If you feel called to serve in Children's Ministries, then we know you will enjoy working with the children, and that God will use this time to stretch and grow you as well. All individuals applying for any position involving the supervision of minors must complete an application. NCC uses this process to provide and ensure a safe and secure environment for children attending here. 

The application form is available at the Kids' Kingdom Tree Desk at the church or you can download it here

Once an application form has been completed, for anyone over the age of eighteen, you must also complete clearance documentation,

Kids' Kingdom Worship Team

If you are interested in being part of the Children's Ministries Worship Team as a worship leader or singer, please contact Marianne Ferrans

Children's Ministries uses motions when singing songs, because the kids are more engaged during the worship, and it is just fun! The songs that NCC Children's Ministries is currently using can be accessed here for videos that demonstrate the motions.

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