NCCSM Resources

This is a list of resources to help parents and students during this time:

1. CPYU COVID-19 Page. The Center of Parent and Youth Understanding has an entire page devoted to helping you and your student navigate through quarantine. It provides helpful ideas to stay engaged with your kids as well as informative articles about new challenges to be aware of.

2. The Chosen Bible Series. During this pandemic there has been an increase in video streaming. From Netflix to YouTube to Amazon Prime; families have spent more time than ever in front of the screen. If you are spending more time watching TV, consider streaming this new Bible-based series as a family. It's designed to create a fresh perspective between Jesus and His twelve disciples. 

3. Parent Cue (Orange). We are all making big adjustments during this time. This article is designed to give some tips to help you and your children not only make the adjustments, but create new and healthy rhythms in your day.

4. The Gospel Coalition. Has your child felt anxious during this time? This resource will give you some insights into ways to care for your child if they're experiencing anxiety while in quarantine.