The Hub is a secure online website that is only accessible by people who attend New Community Church. 

The purpose of The Hub is for our church congregation to access an online picture directory that enables the church to get to know each other, connect together, and communicate more effectively. 

We want to achieve this purpose while also protecting each person's privacy. Since The Hub requires a username and password, all information is protected and encrypted. 

For more detailed information, see below. 

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How your information is kept secure:

  • The Hub website requires a secure login. 
  • All information that travels on the internet from your computer to this site's server is encrypted using the security standard SSL so that the data is not visible or discoverable as it travels on the wire. 
  • When you log in, you also have the ability to control what people in our congregation can see in terms of your contact information (email, phone, etc.) The default established at NCC only allows users to see your name and your picture. Those in a  small group or serving team with you will be able to view your mailing address and phone number. 
  • There is extra protection in The Hub for any student or child under the age of eighteen, assuming that their birthday is correctly entered into their profile. If a person is under the age of eighteen, they are not visible or searchable by any adult in the system, other than church staff. The head of the household or spouse for that student/child can see who is associated with the family and can update that information.

What else can I do on The Hub?

  • The online picture directory is just one feature of this system.
  • Enable your online giving and view past giving records.
  • View the church-wide calendar.
  • View "My Calendar" - a personalized view of the church calendar based on the groups you are a member.
  • Initiate discussions within groups or teams that you are a member of to enhance ministry effectiveness.
  • Input your professional information so that the church can find you if looking for someone in your profession.

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